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The 29th Annual Golden Heart Awards
for Unsung Heroes

Saturday, August 3, 2024 | 6:30PM

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The 28th Annual Golden Heart Awards
for Unsung Heroes was held August 5, 2023

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Casey Barut
Caesar Belchez
Sean Brickley
Erynn Brooks
Dr. Laura Butterwick
Margot Clark
Brian Clift
Heather Craney
Dr. Joyce Drayton
Michael Ennis
Tara Giles
Sarah Godel
Omari Greenbaum
Dr. Syed Hasni

Bryant Hill
John Leonard
Dr. Ayanna Laney-Martin
Dan Moser
Donna Moser
Rochelle Napoli
Imani Ogden
Dohn Parrish
Carol Patanovich
Carla Reynolds
Cameron Stahl
Donna Steel
Rev. Mike Wanner
Sean Whittaker

2023 Golden Heart Awards Video

by Denzel A. Pryor, 2016 Honoree

My golden heart comes from seeing so many starve,
Not from the stomach pain, no no I'm speaking of the heart,
That empty space we can't erase
And if we try we'll be displaced
So we walk around with this . . frustration at another race. .
class . . gender . . Religion . . Or occupation
This anger enslaves our minds and depletes our appreciation
For humanity . . History repeating itself this is insanity
What is peace if we keep treating each other so nastily?
What is a heart if unconditional love continues to be an absentee?
What is unity if we can't collectively practice philanthropy?
What is a soul that's not affected by a tragedy?
What are WE . . If we're disconnected from humanity?
Food for thought . . I challenge you to search within your heart
Dig deep and realize where the healing needs to start
Learn how to diffuse a situation just as quickly as it sparks
Know how to cope; so many of us know only how to mope
That's just wasting time in a paradigm that makes you give up hope
Free yourself . . In this space here you should be able to be yourself
I'll leave you with this . .
As we rejoice as a golden hearted village
let's not forget to connect and build relations
Because our mission should now be to collectively
mold golden hearts all across the nation.