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Willie Mae Brown
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In Memoriam
Willie Mae Brown

Willie Mae Brown was a woman of Valor. She gave a supreme effort to take care of her family and all of them including grand children are a great tribute to her influence.

She put everyone first and was always there in times of Crisis and celebration
she was very skilled in decorating and her house was Immaculate
She was also dressed perfectly and elegantly.
She had been involved in volunteer work at her library.
She easily became known among the community leaders and government officials.

She attendeed many events with respected political leaders and went to see President Barack Obama.
She frequented NAACP meetings, participated in Bread of life Banquets, Golden Heart Banquets and was very dedicated to and active in her church.
She invited her friends to Woman's Day and participated often.
She delivered one of the best renditions of "I Have a Dream" by the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King at an Enon event.
She was always positive always insightful she always knew what was going on even if she did not say

She was a true friend with no age barriers, could blend with any group and was interested in other cultures
it was a great honor to be her friend and spend time with her
She was a joy to us all and now a friend on the other side.

I can imagine her here smiling, happy that everyone is here .
Knowing her she would want all of her children to stay together and help each other.
A wonderful role model and inspiration to all of us.

– Dr. Jana Mallis