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Willie Mae Brown
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Robert Mendelsohn


2023 Golden Heart Award Winner



Subsequent to the death of his infant daughter Kathleen in 1984 and after having been presented with the fact that in her 11-day life she had been administered repeated infusions of packed red blood cells, Sean realized that as he had never previously donated blood he now had an obligation to do so. In the ensuing 39 years, Sean has donated close to 1000 units of blood products (platelets, plasma and whole blood) without any compensation save having the understanding that others would benefit.  

Sean has been involved in assisting a Haitian refugee – seeking out and then coordinated legal, financial, housing and other logistical assistance for him. The endeavor, over several years, is ongoing. 

Sean also has been involved in similar activities with a family of Guatemalan refugees, that fled threats of violence in Guatemala (a family member was murdered by a criminal gang and word spread that they were next. They fled to the United States and have been granted political asylum. 

In addition, Sean had been a decades-long, prolific and multifaceted volunteer for the Northwest Philadelphia Interfaith Hospitality Network. The IHN is a collaborative of several Churches and Synagogues which seeks to address issues of homelessness that affects vulnerable residents of Philadelphia.