Special Guest Presenter:
Charles H. Ramsey,
Phila. Police Dept.,

James J. Binns

C.B. Kimmins

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The Golden Heart Group 13th. Annual Banquet Honoring "Unsung Heroes" was held Saturday evening, August 9, 2008 at Williamson's Restaurant in Horsham, PA.

Dr. Jana Mallis, the group's founder, presided over the crowd of governmental officials, community activists, honorees and guests.

They all gathered to honor over fifty special members of the community who are examples of courage and going above and beyond the call of duty to serve their fellow man.

Golden Heart Award Winners 2008
Takia Adams
Abdul Malik Aziz
Antoinette Jackson Aziz
James R. Binns, Esq.
David Bivins
Charlene Blogmon
Malinda Bookman-Hester
Faith Brown
Veronica Brown
June Burris
Charlie Collazo
Heather Collazo
Lois Crossman
Shirley Diggs
Katie Dunn
Jeanne Edwards
Dr. Paul Fink
Daisy Fisher
Martha Francois
Arlene Freeman
Raymond Gant
Joyce Gordon-Moody
MaryAnn Hart
Kevin Horne
Dorothy Johnson-Speight
Andee Kimmins
Brielle Kimmins
C.B. Kimmins
Bryn Kimmins-Cox
Edgar Lee
Paulette Lewis
Phyllis McCain
Joy McLauren
George McVaugh
Nan McVaugh
Yvette Minter
Amina Mobley
Myrna Montgomery
Joseph Nash
Shirley Nash
Connie Oliver
Samuel Porter
Edward (Darnell) Ryans
Ruth Saunders
Jamika Smith
Rose St. Rome
Marietta Tanner
Ruth Taylor
Deborah Trogdon
Valerie Odele Ward
Cindie Watkins
Lynn Wexler
Robert Wexler
Carolyn Wheeler
Yvonne White

Marietta Jones Tanner

Antoinette Jackaon-Aziz

Abdul Malik Aziz

Valerie Odele Ward